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Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweden – Dream land! Homeschool nightmare!

In the last article, we talked about Germany and its government’s disgusting treatment of homeschool. If you look back, you’ll note that I’ve quoted several documents signed by Germany (as well as nearly every nation on Earth) guaranteeing the right of a parent to decide upon their own child’s education. Apparently when they signed, what some governments really meant was “unless we change our minds”, or perhaps “unless we need votes”, from the politician’s viewpoint.

If Germany was an isolated instance of suppression against home school and parental rights, perhaps their acts against homeschoolers would not be so worrisome. Homeschoolers could leave Germany if they had to. Of course, they would not leave. Not any more than most Jews left Germany before WW II, even knowing that they were in danger. They did not leave then and would not leave now because Germany was and is their home. I understand this sentiment, and the belief that one should be able to change the system from within. The problem with such a belief is that it sometimes ends in something resembling the holocaust. It can certainly end that way if one does not make enough noise about what’s happening, and if one does not join with many others to do so.

So we come to another beautiful land. It is a land with a wonderful standard of living. It is a land whose government is at this very moment determining whether they will follow in Germany’s footsteps and ban homeschooling. But why wait for the force of law? It certainly appears that Sweden has begun its tandem polka, a dance of repression in rhythm with Germany.

This excerpt is from the WorldNet Daily, dated April 26, 2010. I’ll provide a link to the complete article after the excerpt.

It "appears likely that the same circumstances that currently exist in Germany would appear in Sweden, forcing Swedish citizens who wish to homeschool to flee their home country. It is our understanding that some Swedish families have already chosen to flee because of the harassment from local school authorities," the letter says.
Further, such action would violate several established precedents, HSLDA said, including:

•The European Convention on Human Rights, which includes rights of liberty, security of person, respect for private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, education, equality and nondiscrimination.

•The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, in which Article 26 states parents retain the right to choose the kind of education their children receive.

•And the Treaty of Amsterdam, which "calls for respect for those fundamental rights."


Bottom line, “educators” and “politicians” in Sweden have fabricated a law that would end homeschool in Sweden. It is, needless to say, to the educator’s advantage since they get paid by the student, and politicians want their votes. As you will see, some people have fled Sweden in anticipation of the proposed law taking force. Or at least, they have tried.

Please read the article and to get the whole ugly picture, at http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=146273


We all need role models. It’s good to be able to look up at a big brother and say “I want to be like him!” But Germany is no role model, most particularly not in the area of homeschooling or education. Germany is a land that tells its children in some of its history books that there was no WW II! (I’ve seen the books, so believe what you like. And before you start laughing over such efforts to “revise” history, wait until you read the next two articles for this blog. If you live in Russia or the United States, believe me when I tell you that you have nothing to laugh about.)

By the way, the Swedish government is not waiting for the law to take effect to suppress homeschoolers. As it states in the article, a family homeschooling in Sweden but preparing to leave was pulled off the plane and separated, their 7 year-old child for the past 10 months forced into foster care. Their crime? They homeschooled in Sweden!

Need I tell you that the violent, enforced suppression of human rights is a vile and dangerous trend that leaves no one in a nation safe? Need I say again that what is being done to homeschoolers is powerfully reminiscent of the tactics of repressive regimes which have taken it as a part of their agenda to control the minds and actions of their children?

If you live in Sweden, WHY allow such a thing?

It’s your government. You are responsible for its actions. You elected them, you can unelect them. I read that you have a Parliamentary Democracy – so use it! Write, complain, march, protest and make such a noise that your government will be forced to reconsider its barbaric acts. This has occasionally worked in the past. It’s certainly more effective than doing nothing.

Don’t resort to violence, but by all means, protest. Do you need a role model? Choose Mahatma Gandhi, or Henry David Thoreau. Try non-cooperation. This approach may require work. It may even be a little dangerous. But how could non-cooperation be more dangerous than allowing your government to tear apart families and dictate precisely how you will live at threat of imprisonment or worse?

Or you can do like big brother Germany. Just stay quiet, follow orders, and watch as your neighbor’s family is ripped apart for the crime of educating their child as they see fit. But don’t worry. On some pretext or another, some new law, your family will be next. We’ve all seen this slippery slope before, and we all know how it ends – when we’re not too busily revising history.

As to revised history and its place in the future of education – next post.

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